For several years I ran Two Pages a Week, a website where I would regularly write a new, original short screenplays and offer them online for production. Over 100 scripts are available, more than 50 films have been made (available to view here), and 20 film schools and colleges around the world have used my scripts in their classrooms.

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My personal top five

The Queen of Birds
An imaginative young girl tries her best to get by in a crowded refugee camp

An estranged family reunite for news about an incredible change to their family tree

Beneath the Storm
A diver explores an underwater landscape for traces of a sunken past

The Bloodhound
There’s been a murder! Luckily Louis le Nez is back to sniff out the culprit

Luna’s Fortress
A man must go on a quest through his daughter’s imagination

Hard Cheese
A detective suffers anxiety after a tragedy. Also there’s a robot

A village girl is chosen as a sacrifice to appease the witch of the woods

It’s time for Tom to tell his bigoted friend his big secret

The Chilling Testimony of Rupert Winward
Rupert Winward tells his harrowing tale of survival

My Large Kingdom for a Little Grave
A reclusive hermit gets a cryptozoological visitor who teaches him the value of good neighbours and the power of a nice cup of tea

Failing the Bechdel Test
Two female characters meet in a cafe to talk about a man and whether they lack dimension and agency

Blood Magic
An ancient sorcerer performs a dark magic ritual

The Devil’s Elbow
A racing car driver has a strange, otherworldly experience on the track

Two burglars come up with a plan to cover their tracks

A woman is diagnosed with a rare, magical, terminal affliction

Wipes Clean in Seconds
A door-to-door salesman has one last chance to make a sale

Miles to Go Before I Sleep
Twenty years ago a deadly promise was made

A Grand Romantic Gesture
Josh plans a grand romantic gesture to win back the love of his life

Meat Cute
Love blossoms in the unlikeliest of moments

The Problem Solver
A marriage is a sacred contract and Dianne has never been good at contract negotiation

Our intrepid hero finds himself caught in a deadly trap

The Guy With the Hat On
There’s a new guy in the office and he’s far from hatless!

An Awfully Big Adventure
An elderly woman prepares for a visit from an old friend

Greyfeather’s Last Stand
Private Hastings pens a letter home from an unforgiving battlefield

No Time Wasters
A woman meets a man at a remote rest stop to make a strange deal

Blood Debt
A hard-boiled detective is staring down the barrel of a gun when an old friend decides to pay their debt

Just a Big Hole
Donald and Shirley visit a bottomless pit roadside attraction

The Silence Between Heartbeats
A heart transplant recipient finds a mysterious flash drive containing a video file

The Pitch
Three indie game developers try to pitch to a big game company

Footprints on the Moon
A retired astronaut gives a motivational speech at a high school

Memory and the Mountain
A memory broker tries to convince an ageing mountain climber to sell his memories

The time has come for Matthew Marshak to meet his maker

The Hack
The story of Rupert Winward, hack science fiction writer in the 1960s

Remy and Perrin are tasked with finding a rare old coin in a garage full of crap

Tattle Tale
A hard boiled tale of double crosses, subterfuge, and marbles

Three Feet of Seafood
While stranded on a desert island, two men make a startling catch

A Permanent State of Readiness
The day has finally come for Donald the survivalist

May – August
Daisy finds an interesting cassette tape at a garage sale.

Maximus Clay and the Wintery Day
Young Mr. Clay has a colourful day

A world leader prepares to make the most important speech of his life

The complete beginner’s guide to escaping from the boot of a car

L’Esprit De l’Escalier
A mad, old, obsessive scientist has unlocked the mystery of time travel

When We Were Very Young
An old man travels to a place that was important to him when he was very young

The Affair Affair
Alan is bored with retirement but his wife has an interesting suggestion

I Remember a Lot of Octobers
After breakfast, Mara decides how to spend the rest of her day

Winter’s Dream
Winter discusses his odd recurring dream with his friends

Part 1,
part 2

Three Roman legionnaires wonder whether the Imperial army is really for them

Brain Freeze
Two colleagues meet over a cocktail to discuss their peculiar work

The Last Librarian
At the dawn of the war which destroyed humanity a massive library was sent into space in an effort to preserve the world’s books

A young woman has retreated from society because she freezes everything and everyone she touches

A strange detective surveys the scene of a murder

In the aftermath of an explosion, Tara searches through rubble for survivors

In a mysterious patisserie, pastry chef Dulcia sells quick fixes and solutions to an array of problems

A private detective gets a visit from a client for a debrief of his latest case

Falling Into the Sky
A woman suffers from a neurological condition which makes the world seem upside down

House Call
A couple calls an odd house doctor to diagnose their ailing home

Little Fishes
(Pirate Heart, part 1)
An accident leaves a fisherman stranded on a deserted island

The Drunken Sailor
(Pirate Heart, part 2)
A young man finds himself in a remote country pub trying the learn the truth about his mother

Go to Sea No More
(Pirate Heart, part 3)
A shipwreck leaves two friends stranded on a deserted island

We’re All Bound to Go
(Pirate Heart, part 4)
Foy is despondent after getting no closer to finding out the identity of his mother but is the truth really what’s important?

The Department for Accidental Advancement
Lord Richards visits a science lab doing research in an exciting new field

Things get weird when Meadow goes out to her local shop to get a snack

The Cobbler’s Father
An old cobbler tells the story of his father, a famous watch-maker

Life Support
A late night encounter between a hospital patient and an orderly

Last Meal
A prisoner and former chef prepares a meal for a fellow inmate

Paper Sky
(Remy and Rose part 1)
Rose has asked Remy to meet him at their old favourite cafe

Clair de Lune
(Remy and Rose part 2)
Remy attends Rose’s wedding in an effort to show that he’s okay with being “just friends”

(Remy and Rose part 3)
Remy is feeling isolated and alone at Rose’s wedding. His friend Perrin comes to his rescue

Maxime and the Dragon
An old man tell his grandchildren the story of how he lost his hand

Two friends enjoy a meal in a cafe where, for one of them, the waitress has a certain gravity

Of Dice & Men
A group of adventurers convene after a successful battle

The Sleeping Beauty
Nick receives something in his father’s will, something he has been waiting for his entire life

Last Drink at the Urbis Club
Mr. Melville and Okuma have come to the mysterious Urbis Club for a drink, but one of them has some business to attend to

The King of May
A young girl brings her sister to meet her new friend, the self proclaimed King of May

Nine Sisters: Part One
Edmund, a blocked writer seeks a mysterious stranger for help with his problem

Nine Sisters: Part Two
Inspiration comes to Edmund but what will it cost?

Nine Sisters: Part Three
Edmund realises the price of genius could be deadly

Nine Sisters: Epilogue
Edmund searches for answers by returning to where it all began

Great Apes
Oliver has gathered his two siblings together to share a revelation about their dead mother

Must Be Santa
Young Kevin runs into Santa on Christmas morning and learns a valuable lesson about life

Noodles, Beer and the Best Coffee in Hong Kong
Two travellers meet on Christmas Eve in a noodle restaurant in Hong Kong

The Gospel According to Dennis
Jesus has chosen Dennis as the first apostle for his big comeback but Dennis isn’t so sure

Jim Reaper
James is having a tough day, his assistant is incompetent, his printer is jammed and tying a noose is harder than it looks

Researchers on an ice station get the call one of them has been dreading

No Spring Chicken
An ageing boxer tries reliving his glory days

An Audience With Madam Satomi
Seamus has come to Japan for an audience with the legendary Madam Satomi

Alan’s day might well have just been ruined by the discovery of the fact that he is dead

Line of Sight
A hitman on a roof has an encounter with a suicidal woman

A couple of wounded English soldiers take a rest while fleeing the battlefield

You’re Stupid and I Hate You
Pepper takes a pause from the messy breakup with her boyfriend

King of the Cats
Jack comes home from the pub with a strange story about a cat funeral

One Way Single
Pepper is traveling on the train late at night when she is approached by a guy

The Moon in Her Tresses
An old graveyard in the country is home to many memories for Tom, including of the young girl he played there with as a child

Hole in the Head
Katie has come to an eccentric neurologist to find a treatment for her depression. What she finds isn’t exactly what she was expecting

Idiot Button
There are buttons in the world that do nothing, Marwood wants to make sure you know it

A colourful encounter between a shy shut-in and an amateur magician

A young writer is hired to write the biography of a millionaire and is taken to a room filled with snow globes

Chronology and the Captain
A strange encounter in a cafe between a bored waitress and a time-traveler

Holy Land
A disgraced American ex-pastor plans to open a new megachurch in an English field

The Gravediggers
Something smells rotten in the state of Denmark. Two familiar gravediggers have a chat at the end of a busy day

The Girl With the Camera
An old man phones a woman he met long ago when they were both young and happy


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