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Everyone Loves Stats!

Recently,┬áin an effort to impose some kind of order where there is disorder, I went through all the emails I’ve gotten over the years from filmmakers requesting to use a script from the website. The site has been live since 2012 and I’ve been steadily getting emails, even while the site wasn’t active.

I thought I’d post some of the stats because I found them pretty interesting. Occasionally I would get an email from someone asking to produce a script but never actually mentioning which script they were interested in. I have not included these emails.

All titles are links to the scripts.

As of February 12th 2018

Amount of email requests overall: 310
Amount of films made: 43
Amount of schools/university/educational courses using my scripts as part of their classes: 17

Most requested scripts:
20 requests
May – August
Line of Sight

17 requests

15 requests
A Permanent State of Readiness

13 requests
The Girl With the Camera

11 requests
I Remember a Lot of Octobers

Most produced script:
May – August: 7 times

Most requested script that remains unproduced:
Chromathymia: 9 requests


-Robert j.Lee

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