No Time Wasters by Robert j. Lee

Everyone Loves Stats!

Recently,┬áin an effort to impose some kind of order where there is disorder, I went through all the emails I’ve gotten over the years from filmmakers requesting to use a script from the website. The site has been live since 2012 and I’ve been steadily getting emails, even while the site wasn’t active.

I thought I’d post some of the stats because I found them pretty interesting. Occasionally I would get an email from someone asking to produce a script but never actually mentioning which script they were interested in. I have not included these emails.

All titles are links to the scripts.

As of February 12th 2018

Amount of email requests overall: 310
Amount of films made: 43
Amount of schools/university/educational courses using my scripts as part of their classes: 17

Most requested scripts:
20 requests
May – August
Line of Sight

17 requests

15 requests
A Permanent State of Readiness

13 requests
The Girl With the Camera

11 requests
I Remember a Lot of Octobers

Most produced script:
May – August: 7 times

Most requested script that remains unproduced:
Chromathymia: 9 requests


-Robert j.Lee

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No Time Wasters by Robert j. Lee

Patron Exclusive Script

Failing the Bechdel Test

Two female characters meet in a cafe to talk about a man
and whether they lack dimension and agency

This week’s script is the first one available to read and produce exclusively to Two Pages a Week supporters.

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No Time Wasters by Robert j. Lee

May – August


May – August

Daisy finds an interesting cassette tape at a garage sale

Something I’m going to be doing now the website is back is highlighting films that have been made from the scripts.

The first featured film of 2018 is May – August directed by Aubri Wiscombe. May – August has been made more than any other script and it’s great to see different filmmakers having different takes on the material. I recommend checking out all the versions of it on the films page.

The script is included below.

May - August by Robert j Lee

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